Camp Yorktown Bay is committed to your child’s well being. Our summer and full-time staff are carefully screened, trained, and dedicated to a high level of safety in all activities. Our facilities and outdoor equipment are tested, maintained, and certified. A Registered Nurse is present at Camp Yorktown Bay every week to provide medical care for every camper. Food served at CYB always includes fruits and vegetables and alternatives can be provided in case of food allergies.

It would be great to tell you to send your child to camp here and we promise that nothing could possibly happen to them here. But, with the many activities and people at camp, it is impossible to make that promise. We do recognize that our campers are your treasures, therefore, it is important to us to provide a high level of safety for everyone who comes to Camp Yorktown Bay.

I would like to take a moment to share the areas we focus on in efforts to maintain a high level of safety at camp.

Summer Staff

The staff selection process is very detailed and includes an exhaustive 30-minute interview during which we ask many personal questions about their family history, social involvement, spiritual background, and moral beliefs.

Applicants must have references submitted on their behalf from non-family members from which we do random checks to ensure accuracy.

Summer staff also undergo 7 to 10 days of detailed training in every area of which they are involved at camp. Any deviance from set safety procedures result in a written warning. Multiple written warnings result in termination.

All summer staff are CPR Certified by the Red Cross during our training week.

Our staff to camper ratio is approximately 1 to 2.

We have provided a means for campers to anonymously report any information or circumstance in which they have felt threatened or abused.

Camp Yorktown Bay has implemented many policies and procedures that meet the standards set forth by the American Camping Association.

Staff who lead all water activities must be Lifeguard and CPR certified through the American Red Cross.

Campers must pass a swim check upon arrival at camp to determine their strength as a swimmer. Non-swimmers must wear a life jacket to participate in any water activity and must remain in shallow areas.

Boat drivers are not only Lifeguard and CPR certified, but also trained in Waterfront Safety. They also log at least 30 hours of training and driving time prior to teaching or pulling a camper.

During the summer, each camp has a certified nurse on duty 24 hours a day. Camp Yorktown Bay’s medical policies are endorsed and regulated by a professional Medical Doctor.

All lifeguards are also trained in oxygen administration and how to use Automated External Defibrillator. Camp Yorktown Bay has 1 AED on property.

Cabins are all equipped with A/C, fire extinguishers, and posted safety procedures in case of fire or natural disaster.

Some alternatives can be provided in the case of severe allergies and you may wish to supply some yourselves, in which case storage and refrigeration will be provided. Fruits and/or vegetables are included in all meals at Camp Yorktown Bay.

Camp Yorktown Bay’s kitchens are regulated by the Arkansas Department of Health in the same way public restaurants are regulated.

Safety Summary
Our main goal here at Camp Yorktown Bay is that campers are able to hear the transforming message of Jesus Christ. If they do not feel safe, then they are unable to hear that message. We want people to not only feel safe to let down their guard emotionally, but also to be free from fear for their physical safety.

Hopefully by now you can see that we have many safety procedures in place and we consider safety a top priority for our camp. Although we cannot guarantee that nothing will happen to your child, we are doing everything we can do to make this week the best week of your child’s entire year.


Campers love to get letters, packages, and e-mail. Please send them early so they will be sure to arrive while the camper is still at camp. Due to the nature of our program, it is best for all incoming calls to be limited to emergencies only, this keeps our phones available for business and emergency use. Our staff will assist campers in making any emergency calls home if necessary. We encourage you to write rather than call, kids love hearing their name during mail call. 

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You may arrange for this service during registration or by phone.

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