Take aim and let your arrow fly! Learn proper and safe use of your bows and arrows as you sharpen you skills on our archery range. Campers will earn their Pathfinder Honor in Archery during this activity.

Learn how to dribble, pass, play defense, and score as our veteran instructor teaches the fundamentals of basketball. Practice good sportsmanship as your earn your Pathfinder Basketball Honor.

Come climb our new 12 foot high, water pyramid, jump on the mini-blob or swish down the slide.

Mountain/BMX Biking
Strap on your helmet go big on our new BMX course. You will be taught the basics of BMX and will have the opportunity to progress as your skill increases. If you enjoy bicycling, the outdoors, and a good challenge, this is the class for you.

Whether you like to braid hair or strings, this class is for you. Learn how to make three-strand and four-strand braids as you create fun projects such as lanyards, coat hangers, and key chains and earn your Pathfinder Braiding Honor.

Candle Making
Learn to make many different kinds of candles including Ice candles, Floating candles, Sand candles, and much more as you earn the Pathfinder Candle Making Honor.

Explore the hidden coves of Lake Ouachita while gliding through our cool, clean water. Learn strokes such as the Bow, J-stroke, and Full sweep. Even paddle a capsized canoe as you complete the requirements to earn your Pathfinder Honor in Canoeing.

Take an unfired piece of greenware and turn it into a masterpiece! Learn the difference between underglaze, food-safe glaze, and stain as you earn your Pathfinder Ceramics Honor.

Digital Photography
Bring your digital camera with you to camp to participate in this class. You will learn how to frame a shot, take photos of landscapes, people, activities and animals. Selected photos will be shown at the end of the week for all to see!

Fishing is the most popular sport in Arkansas and Lake Ouachita is one of the best fishing lakes in the state! Learn the basics of cast and cane-pole fishing. This class will be catch and release. ****IMPORTANT**** Campers age 16 and over need to have a current valid fishing license to participate. To purchase a fishing license you may contact Arkansas Game and Fish 24 hours a day. Their phone number is 1-800-364-4263, or you can purchase one for $10.50 on-line at


If your camper likes to be upside down as much as they like to be right-side-up, then this might be the class for them! Your child will learn from a gymnastics coach for their skill level.

Hop in the saddle and explore the trails surrounding Camp Yorktown Bay. Learn how to properly care for horses and equipment and improve your basic riding skills as you earn your Pathfinder Honor in Horsemanship.

Leather Craft
Design a new wallet to hold your money or a key keeper as you learn the skill of Leather Craft. Learn about different kinds of leather and the tools of the trade as you earn your Pathfinder Leather Craft Honor.

Rock Climbing
Belay On! Tackle our climbing wall as you learn the basic skills of Rock Climbing.  You will learn the safety precautions of the sport as well as rappelling skills as you work toward your Pathfinder Rock Climbing Honor.

Whether you do a cannonball off the high-dive, swim to the island, or simply enjoy the water and fresh air with your friends, swimming class is for everyone. Our American Red Cross certified Lifeguards and swimming instructors teach beginner to advanced swimming skills as you earn your Pathfinder Swimming Honor and complete American Red Cross swimming levels.

Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced wakeboarder, our skilled instructors will help you improve your skills as you wakeboard behind our professional wakeboard boats.  Learn basic and advanced skills as well as boating safety rules as you earn your Pathfinder Wakeboarding Honor.

Water Mat
Walk on water with the greatest of ease! Do a cartwheel, have a rest from swimming…the fun is limitless!

Cut through the wake or learn to slalom behind our professional ski and wakeboard boats.  Learn basic and advanced skills as well as boating safety rules as you earn your Pathfinder Water Skiing Honor.

Rope Course
Challenge yourself by participating in our outdoor personal development and team building activity. Each activity emphasizes a spiritual lesson. 

7:00 – Staff Worship
7:30 – Cabin Clean-up
8:00 – Flag Raising
8:15 – Breakfast
9:00 – Camper Duties
9:20 – Camp Counsel
10:15 – Camper-selected Activity #1
12:30 – Mail Call
12:45  - Lunch and Clean-up
1:45 – Rest Time
2:45 – Cabin Rotation Activities
4:00 – Camper-selected Activity #2
5:45 – Supper and Clean-up
7:00 – Recreation
8:15 – Flag Lowering
8:30 – Campfire Program
9:15 – Prep for Bed (Non-counseling Prayer Time)
9:45 – Reflections
10:15 – Lights out